All Day Passes

All Day Passes Available everyday, Starting  June 1st  - August 21st  (After August 21st Day Passes are offered weekends only up through end of October!)

Super All Day Pass ( 48" or taller)

For heights 48” & taller and recommended for Ages 7 & up. All day unlimited fun includes:

  •     F-22  Raptor Go Karts*  (Must be minimum 58" & 11 years or older to drive)
  •     Jr. Racer Go Karts* (Must be between 48"-64" to drive)
  •     Water Bumper Boats*
  •     Adventure mini-golf
  •     Dodge 'Em Bumper Cars
  •     Old Skool Mini-Golf
  •     Flying Swings*
  •    Tea Cups (New in 2019)*
  •     Scrambler*
  •     Balloon Ferris Wheel*
  •     Lil' Dipper Roller Coaster*
  •     *Note: Some attractions open and close 45 minutes prior to the park opening and closing.
  • Upgrade for Unlimited Outdoor Laser & Rock Climbing wall for just $7

                                                         having fun on go karts!

$32.50 per pass

Group Pricing

Participants Rates
1-10 $32.50 p.p
11-24 $29.50 p.p
25-49 $26.50 p.p
50+ $23.50 p.p

Birthday Party Pricing     $25.00 per pass

Rookie All Day Pass

For Heights 36"-47.5" Recommended for ages 3-6, Most attractions will require an adult chaperone to accompany their child : All day of unlimited fun includes:

  •     Water Bumper Boats*
  •     Adventure Mini-Golf
  •     Passenger on F-22 Double Seater Go Karts with a driver 16 years or older
  •     Old Skool Mini-Golf
  •     Lil' Dipper Roller Coaster*
  •     Scrambler*
  •     Flying Swings* (must be minimum 42" to ride)
  •     Space Jets*
  •     Passenger on Dodge 'Em Bumper Cars (passenger must be minimum of 42" to ride along)
  •     Balloon Ferris Wheel*
  •     Tea Cups* (must weigh minimum 42" to ride solo)
  •    10 Arcade Tokens
  •    *Note: Some attractions open and close 45 minutes prior to park opening and closing hours

$24.50 per pass

having fun on go karts!
Group Pricing

Participants Rates
1-10 $24.50 p.p
11-24 $21.50 p.p
25-49 $18.50 p.p
50+ $17.50 p.p

Birthday Party Pricing   $20.00 per pass

Chaperone All Day Pass 

Chaperone Pass must be driving a passenger that has the following:

Rookie or Super All Day Pass, Fun Card, or the correct Ride Ticket. Age and height guidelines apply!

For ages 17 & up, designed for Moms and Dads this pass gets you unlimited hours of fun including the following:

  •     Driver on the F-22 Raptor Go Karts or Junior  Go Karts
  •     Driver on the Water Bumper Boats
  •     Escort on the Scrambler & Lil' Dipper Roller Coaster*
  •     Escort on the Tea Cups & Balloon Ferris Wheel
  •     Adventure Mini-Golf
  •     Olde' Skool Mini-Golf

$15.00 per pass

having fun on go karts!

Birthday Pricing   $15.00 per pass

All Day Pass Guidelines

  •     All Day Passes are designed for heights 36" or taller.
  •     Includes listed attractions during park operating hours.
  •     Age and height guidelines apply on all attractions.
  •     Dates and times may vary.
  •     Certain attractions open 55 minutes after the park opens and close 45 minutes before the park closes.
  •     Sorry, NO RAINCHECKS
  •     All  Day Passes available to purchase from opening until 6:00 pm June 1st - August 19st.
  •     All Day Passes available weekends only in May, September, and  possibly October. They are available daily June, July & August!
  •     Group Rates available.
  •     Passes are non-transferable and may not be shared.
  •     Mini-golf must be started 40 minutes prior to expiration time.

Fun Cards

Your choice! Mix or match any four attractions in the park. A great value when choosing one or more attractions. May be used by one or more participants, and may be shared. The Fun Card expires when all four holes are punched. Age and height guidelines apply. Valid for any of the following attractions:

  •     F-22 Raptor Go-Karts
  •     Lil’ Thunder Racers
  •     Adventure Mini-Golf
  •     Water Bumper Boats
  •     Olde’ Skool Mini-Golf
  •     Dodge 'Em Bumper Cars
  •     Rock Climbing
  •     Scrambler
  •     Flying Swings
  •     Little Dipper Roller Coaster
  •     Space Jets
  •     3 Batting Cage tokens

$23.00 per Card

having fun on go karts!