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Information & Frequently Asked Questions

To our customers –  June 19th, 2020 (Updated 5/22/21)


We are ready for our 2021 season to begin! We have all the necessary operating guidelines in place. In the 30 years of our family owned and operated business, safety has always been our number one priority. We were looking forward to kicking off our 2021 season!
We have spent considerable time readjusting our procedures throughout the park and feel comfortable and confident that we can continue to operate following all the CDC guidelines. We rarely have long lines, congested groups, and overcrowding in our OUTDOOR park. Most of the time, guests ride with their immediate family/household, which is how our outdoor park has been designed. Our slogan for the last two decades has always been “Safe, Clean, Family Fun Close to Home” and we intend to continue living up to it!
Thanks to our loyal customers over the years, we look forward to serving up fun now more than ever after this winter!
Stay Safe,
The Sluggers & Putters Family

Sincerely, The Sluggers & Putters Family

UPDATE* As of 5/23/2021 masks are required for the indoor arcade and prize room only for non-vaccinated guests.  Masks are not required but encouraged throughout the rest where proper social distancing can’t  occur. Since most of the park as it is outdoors, mask aren’t required. 

Currently reservations are not needed, as the park is very spread out and congestion is not an issue.  Luckily, we don’t have to worry about a capacity limit. 

  • We are making sure rides, equipment, tables, chairs, and other public amenities are throughly cleaned and sanitized. 
  • We are adding signage to encourage physical distancing, including spacers on the ground at various high-traffic areas of the park to remind patrons about keeping a safe distance from others.
  • We’ve added physical plexiglass barriers at all point of sales locations. 
  • Staff will be trained on reinforced cleaning and disinfecting methods.
  • We will be installing extra hand sanitizing stations throughout the park to add to our existing stations. 
  • In regard to the batting cages — we encourage guests to bring their own bats and helmets if possible. 

Yes! As our season will go into late October, we will hire throughout our season. Apply HERE!

We have applied a product called KOC-86, which is a water-based photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide solution on all surfaces that come in human contact. This solution is being applied to all surfaces such as wood, vinyl, metal, etc. It works around the clock at destroying any microorganism that touches the surface such as viruses, bacteria, mold or fungi for 6 months.  The UV light from the sun triggers the sterilization with the Titanium Oxide .We will be applying the KOC every 3 weeks. 

After each ride, our staff will be disinfecting all the high-touch surfaces on the ride, such as the steering wheel, arm rest, lap bar, seat belts, etc. This will add some added wait time between rides, so please be patient as we are trying to ensure customer safety for all. We will be using a cleaning agent by the name of Vital Oxide. Vital Oxide has been approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. 

While there’s an inherent risk anytime for the spread of disease in any public setting, we feel very confident in keeping our customers and staff safe. If you’ve been to Sluggers and Putters before, you are aware that we never have capacity issues. We rarely ever have lines and overcrowding is never an issue.  We are a smaller family amusement park, that is very spread out. Additionally, we are sanitizing each mini-golf club, ball, bat, and ride after each use.

Our food service, Auntie Em’s Ice Cream & Food Court, is open. We’ve made some changes in the ordering process to reduce contact between guests and staff. The food is made-to-order. Our eating area for the food court was already very open-air and socially distanced. We’ve made some changes, but as far as eating on a patio, we feel ours is one of the better patio options around.

YES! We have all attractions open daily (weather depending)!