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Sluggers & Putters Amusement Park 
2019 Career Development Internship Opportunities
  Join a team for a summer experience that will help develop leadership and professional skills in a market where FUN is the product.  The 2019 Internship Program is designed to provide students and young professionals an insight into business operational strategies at Ohio’s largest family entertainment center. Crafted toward certain skills and interests a paid internship at Sluggers & Putters is a unique way to earn a summer wage and receive training in the professional job market.  Perfect for individuals pursuing degrees in Park & Recreation Management, Business, Economics, Communications, Organizational Management Studies,  Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Mechanical Engineering,  Horticulture, Auto Mechanics, Landscape Design, Political Science, Education, Nursing, Hospitality, etc.
*This internship experience is crafted to give participants real workplace experience and be treated as an integral part of the company, while earning a paycheck. Unlike most career development programs, participants will be given the opportunity to lead other employees, offer suggestions for company growth and improvement, and treated with respect.
Participants Will:

Learn Organizational Management Skills
Develop Leadership and Communication Skills
Craft Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Strategy
Observe Entrepreneurship Techniques
Earn a Competitive Wage While Fulfilling Academic Requirements
Have Fun While Learning and working in a Fun Environment
Develop Relationships and Common Sense Skills
Create Team Building Skills
Sales Management Associate (3 Positions Open)-Individuals will primarily work in the front office as lead sales representatives. A successful applicant must be confident with communication skills and basic math. Will require training to operate park attractions and cash registers. Will work approximately 30+ hours a week. Demands ability to multitask and willingness to lead. Tasks include cash register operations, redemption operations,  phone operator, and crew leader job assignments.
Engineering Mechanics Assistant (2 Positions Open)- Participants must have interest and familiarity with ride safety procedures. Willing to work morning hours and 30+ hours a week. Work will be physically and mentally demanding. Will be trained on ride operations and maintenance/ opening procedures. Tasks include Thunder Road Speedway ride maintenance, small engine mechanics, ride safety inspections, and daily park set up.
Ride Operations Supervisor (3 Positions Available)- Employees will train and supervise team members during daily park operations. Applicants will need to become highly familiar with the majority of the park’s attractions, safety procedures, and general park information. Previous work experience at Sluggers & Putters is preferred. Applicants must be available to assist in all mandatory training sessions.  Individuals will work  25+ hours a week. Duties include ride operations, training new team members, crew leading, sanitation services, cash register operations, and opening/closing procedures. Prefer First-Aid Certification
Hospitality Services Supervisor ( 2 Positions Available)- Individuals will be responsible for helping handle special events and customer relations for birthday parties, company picnics, and team building events.  Participants must be friendly outgoing individuals who are willing to multitask a mentally demanding job. Must be at least 19 years of age to apply.  Will work 25+ hours  a week. Tasks include ride operations, cash register operations, sanitation services, food prep and setup, customer relations,  serving alcoholic beverages,  event scheduling and updates.
Horticulture & Landscape Design Foreman (1 Position Available)- Employee will acquire hands on skills and knowledge in various grounds crew responsibilities. Work alongside a professional staff with 35+ years of experience in landscape design.  Learn plant identification, irrigation control, and other maintenance management strategies. Will work 35+ hours a week, consisting of a work day starting around 8am. Work is mentally and physically demanding. Must be willing to be receptive to new learning techniques.
Task include ride operations,  park maintenance, landscaping, operating heavy machinery, project management, and daily park operations.
Culinary Supervisor (2 Positions Available)- Previous work experience in food preparation/ restaurant industry preferred. Individual will work 30+ hours a week at multiple food/ refreshment locations throughout the park. Minimum age of 19 years to apply. Will be responsible for bartending services and be trained in food safety certification. Customer Service training a plus. Must be willing to be a supervisor, enforcing company guidelines and communicate with management.. Should have a positive attitude and work ethic. Participants will be responsible for multitasking and problem solving. Responsibilities include maintaining a clean work environment and ensure that all health and safety regulations are being met. Opening and closing food locations at scheduled times, supervising employees with their daily tasks, setting priorities, and maintaining inventory.
You will be responsible for training and monitoring employees, enforcing proper cash handling procedures, motivating staff and assisting with evaluations.   
Applicants must be willing to work the listed hours. To receive credit for internship applicants must work throughout the provided dates mentioned in the interview process. Applicants must have a reliable mode of transportation and be of at least 18 years of age to apply (some positions require a minimum age).  Applicants should expect to work most weekends and holidays. Desired time off needs to be disclosed in application, applicants with lesser time off will be given preference.  If applicants desire academic credit, they are responsible for arranging requirements with their respective instructor.
Applicants can apply for multiple positions, but must indicate this on their application.
How to Apply -
Applicant must submit  an approximately 250 word essay discussing their interest in their desired internship and what they hope to accomplish with the position.
Sluggers & Putters Employee application from
Most recent report card/ grade reports
Listed Major/ Degree/ or Vocational Training
1 Letter of Recommendation
When applicant can begin internship, when they can no longer work.
List of Vacation Days/ or Requested Days Off
Deadline to Apply is April 22nd, 2019
(Priority will be given to earlier submitted applications)
Applicants could be notified prior to April 22nd.
Email Completed Application and Required Material  to
Or Mail Application to
Internship Director
Sluggers & Putters
333 Lafayette Dr. NW
Canal Fulton, Oh, 44614
*Question? Email us!